SharePoint Migration


  • Move the applications and data from local plant environment to cloud 
  • Develop consistent User Interface as per the corporate branding guidelines
  • Make the applications available globally by identifying the gaps in work process
  • Implement a single enhanced authentication & authorization to all the applications


  • Applications were made available to stakeholders across 65+ locations
  • Standardized business process across many applications & locations
  • Applications took advantage of SharePoint’s authorization and gave fine grained permission on every record
  • Consistent User Interfaces created brand impact within the Organization


  • Identified Quest Migration Tool to ensure minimal business impact in the whole process
  • Proof of concept was carried out on two applications
  • Identified and migrated the groups, users and permissions with the data
  • Developed & Implemented standardized business work processes and User Interface

IBM Domino server was used as a common platform for email and application. Rapid growth in business for client needed the information across global locations to be available centrally to the management. A standardized security model for controlled access and standardized business process flow was missing in the existing applications. Increase in license and maintenance costs were other business drivers to move the legacy environment to SharePoint online platform. 

Regular backup of Lotus Notes Database was a challenge with existing infrastructure and the IT resources availability.


We identified Dell’s Quest Migration Tool for migration of Lotus Notes to SharePoint platform and carried out a pilot “Proof of Concept” on two applications.

Forms from the Lotus Notes applications were redesigned to incorporate Corporate Branding Guidelines and best practices of User Interface Design. Metadata to the content was added / preserved to enhance business value of the content. 

Carefully analyzing the applications ensured duplicate / redundant processes were removed from the applications while preserving the required metadata. Migration to SharePoint enabled the business to look at the security in more comprehensive way defining fine grained rules for Read, View & Write access. 

Migration to SharePoint provided a central repository for all information, 24x7 access to all the stakeholders. Migration expanded the ability to integrate with many other systems.

Scheduled Jobs from Lotus Notes were migrated and developed as SharePoint timer jobs and custom schedulers to send reminders at different stages of workflow. With the Data available in the cloud IT staff were relived of backup and maintenance activity. Also as management had access to the information 24x7 and custom reports were developed for analysis. 

End User training and user documentation was provided for smooth transition for end users.

Case Study