About Us

Pravridh Technologies Founded in 2009 with a unique goal of helping customer business by building & delivering IT Services. Our core services are spread across all verticals and horizontals with a specialization of building next generation products & solutions. We engage our customers from the consulting assignments to end to end project/product delivery model. Our technology expertise team helps the customer business to achieve short, medium and long term business goals without disruption of any existing services.

We believe in "One Size Doesn't Fit All", hence the solution and delivery model are tailored to meet specific business requirements helping customers increase business value. 

Our team of consultants bring extensive experience of designing & delivering critical digital transformation initiatives of our customers. Team has extensive knowledge on working on open source technologies, closed sources technologies irrespective of native application to cloud application.

Vision and Values

To earn our customer's loyalty and patronage through continual improvement of all our work processes driven by Passion, Innovation and Commitment.

Corporate values