Proximity Solution


  • Develop a solution to engage Retailers & Shoppers
  • Engage Shoppers in real time to increase footfall
  • Develop a multi-channel marketing platform for Retails & Businesses
  • Develop a single window app for shoppers for receiving credits, offers etc. from multiple retailers
  • Publish deal for the day to passerby traffic


  • Increase in the foot fall to Retailers within the locality
  • Increase in conversion rate of redemptions
  • Kiosk site deployment increased trade through passerby traffic
  • Single interface mobile app for Shoppers to receive discounts, loyalty credits, parking credits etc.
  • Targeted advertisements increased ROI for retailers


  • Develop a central content management system for publishing offers, coupons etc.
  • Develop Kiosk based application for market places dispensing vouchers, gift cards & for digital signage
  • Develop mobile app for shoppers to collect discounts, coupons etc.
  • Provide feature in mobile app for Retailers can engage in real time with optimized messaging and offer ‘Parking Credits’ as an incentive
  • Used beacons to locate the passerby traffic and push the deals according to preferences

For Retails & Business Community proximity solution provides new Sales & Marketing channel that compliments existing multi channel strategies. For Shoppers proximity solution is a free to use self-service point to choose and collect discounts, offers and promotions vouchers for redemption across multiple Retailers and Businesses within the locality (Market Town). A self-service tool to purchase Gift Vouchers that can be spent across multiple retailers.


As part of the solution a central web based content management solution was developed for the retailers & business community. Retailers were provided with features to create offers, coupons, promo codes, and deals for the day etc. Proximity Solution enabled multiple retailers to collaborate and offer better discounts by creating combo products / vouchers.

These offers / vouchers / deals were then published in multiple channel on proximity solution based on the preference of the retailer. Offers / vouchers were sent as part of mass email campaign to all proximity solution users based on the user’s location, preference and previous shopping history. Other channel of marketing included Digital Signage at different locations on Kiosk based voucher dispensing solution.

Location & Proximity based publishing of offers for retailers increased the footfalls. Single app for shoppers to receive coupons & redemption ensured hassle free transactions.

Proximity Solution mobile app was developed for the Shoppers. Offers were pushed as notifications to the users in pre-configured perimeter from the Retailer or the Business outlet. Users could purchase and get the voucher by paying online using integrated payment gateway. Proximity Solution mobile app also integrated with beacon bluetooth devices pushing notifications in real time with targeted consumers. App pulls the offers to the users from the retailers in a shopping mall nearest to them.

Case Study