Odoo ERP Implementation


  • To Streamline process and manage inventory online
  • Improve manufacturing schedule process over 100% and have quarterly visibility
  • Reduce finished goods inventory
  • Real time tracking of inventory
  • Be able to respond to unexpected changes in demand without a degradation of service


  • Eliminated previous third-party interfacing and gained the ability to schedule and track production data in real time and within one comprehensive package.
  • Increased warehouse efficiency in product movement by 100 percent.
  • Eliminated all inventory movement paperwork.
  • Reduced duplicate pulls to zero.
  • Virtually eliminated all errors that occurred from shipping incorrect product to customers.


  • Information of thousands of raw materials spread across multiple locations and maintained in excel, text format
  • Segregating and analyzing opportunities by product, time period, account, executive and category was difficult
  • Tracking stock moves and returned products was a cumbersome task
  • Quotations with multiple components had to be generated on a daily basis. This consumed a lot of time.
  • Scheduling and Forecasting was tedious and cumbersome

Client specializes in the manufacturing of precision parts, wire forming, multi slide parts, plastic injection molded parts, stamping parts and contact welding parts. Before implementation of Odoo ERP, the company was using Excel application without integration along with the various operations. Most of the scheduling process was manual and email was the communication channel for sending reports and tracking information.


We conducted extensive study on manual process of manufacturing, sales, accounting And also analyzed generating varies reports in organization, tracking and forecasting. We reviewed the existing process of Sales, Purchase, Manufacturing and Invoicing process. Document Gaps and identified key improvements in the process.

Odoo ERP was configured to handle sales team in different regions, Created Price Lists based on Customers and Product slaps. Imported all the Contacts and existing customer into ERP application. Customized Quotation Template. Indian Chart of Accounts implemented with all the Tax configuration, also configured to handle Customer Receipts, Supplier Invoices, and Balance sheet reports. And implemented exercise invoice and monthly and quarterly reporting module. 

Multiple Inventory location configure to handle movement of raw materials, finished products. Inventory tracking established for easy monitoring. And Inventory evaluation process implemented for clear visibility and forecasting. Using Real Time Inventory tracking wrote a module for real time procurement which can be optionally enabled by Procurement and implemented a decision making engine to suggest Procurement Order placement with Vendor. A set of rules defined to fine tune the real time procurement process. Enabled and configured price list for all the suppliers.

Implementation of Odoo ERP helped to double the sales target & increased manufacturing resource allocation capacity by 30% within a span of year, helped in better forecasting, reporting & tracking.

For each of the Products to be produced we configured Routings and BOM information to enable stock movement from inventory to Manufacturing Unit based on manufacturing order. Established manufacturing process. Configured scheduling process and enable production manager to get clean scheduling visibility up to 3 months.

Dashboards and Real time Reports of Inventory, Sales orders, Purchase orders, Manufacturing order implemented to provide better visibility for higher management to help them to track, monitor, and forecast. Organized training session to educate employees about the new process, the application And also on job training provided up to 3months after the complete product implementation.

Case Study