InstaDoc Systems


  • Develop a secure document collaboration application for insurance brokers & customers
  • Develop a secure online vault for storing personal information
  • Provide ability for the customers to securely share information with family & friends
  • Provide offline data storage application and sync data with online vault


  • Easy distribution of documents from brokers to customers
  • Acceptance of documents from customers stored as audit information
  • Secure place for customers to store personal information
  • Unique content viewer solution helped to ensure the shared document is safe and secure with Print, Copy, Download restricted


  • Identified the blowfish 448 bit encryption algorithm for data encryption
  • Developed document distribution application for sending documents to customers
  • Provided several features in vault to store personal data (Medical, Financial, Personal and Insurance) 
  • Integrated with financial feed data to enable individuals with stocks, bonds etc. to evaluate the net worth at anytime
  • Provided ability to import personal contacts from Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail & CSV 

With the existing solutions and the process client was unable to securely send documents to its customers. The documents were either sent in hard copy through courier services or were emailed. Risk of emailing the document to different customer was one of the driving factors for developing an automated solution. Sending the documents in email exposed the risk of phishing and privacy concerns.

Increasing concerns on storing personal information on cloud servers and inability for an individual to securely share personal information with family, lawyers, doctors & friends were business drivers for client to develop a secure solution and offer it to its customers.


For the insurance brokers the solution provided a desktop tool for uploading bulk documents to the solution. Customer ID to Insurance Number lookup ensured that the documents were put in the correct folder in the solution. Automated lookup ensured that the documents were sent to correct people avoiding manual errors. Brokers were provided with an ability to attach Acceptance & Terms with the documents sent out and every action was audited ensuring compliance.

Pravridh developed a unique document viewer solution with an ability to view more than 300 types of documents on browser without need of native software. With the document viewer solution brokers & customers were able to get fine grained access restrictions for document View, Print, Copy and Download.

Secure document distribution & collaboration system made it easy for the insurance agents to send the documents in a single click. Acceptance audit information ensured legal compliance.

Personal information storage vault was provided to individual customers with many features to store Medical, Financial, Personal and Insurance data. Solution was developed to import Stocks & Bonds feed data from the Interactive Data Corporation daily. Customers were able to lookup the rates of the securities on any given day.

As part of the solution deployment the servers were chosen in London datacenter as the European laws for sharing the personal information was more stringent. Also the solution was integrated with Content Delivery Networks to boost the upload, download and overall application performance.

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