• To streamline operations across their chain of stores
  • To reduce wastage and improve profits
  • To track inventory, sales and purchases in real time
  • To simplify the ordering process for loyal customers
  • To automate the HR Operations


  • Increased operations visibility to management for better decision making
  • Inventory & Purchase Analysis reports reduced the revenue leakage
  • Realtime Inventory Evaluation helped in better accounting operations
  • Reduced daily wastage at the outlets by 18 to 30%
  • Increased number of frequent customers
  • Optimized staff operations and reduced new hiring


  • A full-scale ERP implementation with all major modules covered
  • Develop eCommerce & Mobile app for better customer engagement
  • Capture customer’s mobile number at point of sale
  • Reduce wastage by synchronizing Sales, Purchase and Inventory data
  • Enable better high-level view of business through standard reports
  • Integrated Point of Sale machine with barcode scanner & printer was introduced

Amishta Fresh is a prominent, Online, Grocery and Food store in Bangalore, India, with hundreds of products and brands in different categories. They operate Retail outlets under the brand name farms2fresh.  Operational data was largely distributed across excel sheets, hand-written registers, printed bills, emails and smses which made analysis and integration of the data difficult. 

Managing the supply chain was also cumbersome as Partners and Vendors could not predict demand accurately, leading to shortages or wastage.  Over the years, wastage had increased significantly, which affected the bottom-line.  Further, monitoring the staff at their outlet was becoming a challenge. Finally, managing various discounts and offers had become complex, leading to missed opportunities for the Retailer..


After thorough analysis, a full-scale implementation of Odoo ERP was found to be the ideal solution. Odoo ERP enables the acquisition, cleansing, and consolidation of customer data derived from various online and brick-and-mortar stores, and was the perfect solution in such a scenario. Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Accounting and Human Resource modules were integrated into the solution. Further, a Point-of-Sale or POS module was integrated into the solution, which made it easy to manage or apply discounts and offers. The customers’ contact number was captured in the POS module, which helped regular customers place recurring orders through an account profile created for them. 

Considering the large number of operational staff across the hierarchy, a mobile app was developed and integrated with the software. This made on-the-go decision making easy for senior managers in Sales, Purchase and Inventory departments. 

A full-scale ERP Implementation helped integrate various departments, streamline operations, increase profitability and put the company on a growth trajectory.

Reports across Sales, Purchase, Inventory and Accounting were enabled for KPI’s to help better management. This helped reduce the day-to-day wastage in every outlet and increase profits for the retailer. The Reports and Dashboard also helped management have a better perspective of the business and make course corrections wherever necessary. 

All this has brought scalability into the business and put farms2fresh on the fast track to growth and expansion. 

Case Study