Digital Connect


  • Enhance the service delivery to clients across globe 
  • Track the progress of work and measure the service levels of Partners in real time
  • Provide a single secure platform for Clients, Partners & Delivery Center to share the document


  • Improved service delivery with effectively communicating with partners for service delivery at different time zones at respective business hours
  • Monitor the progress service delivery from partners at every stage
  • Easy & Controlled access to the documents for Clients, Partners & Delivery Center in a single repository


  • Capture the timezone, business hours, weekly offs and holidays of Client, Partner & Delivery Centers
  • Effectively schedule the service delivery activity & tasks using the Calendar of Client, Partner & Delivery Center
  • Control the sequential & parallel tasks in the activity
  • Report the time & quality service level violations to Delivery Center for monitoring

With the existing solutions and the process client was unable to monitor the progress of the partners work and service levels. They needed the ability to assign work to partners, monitor the progress and service levels both in time and quality. Also with the existing infrastructure and process the documents sharing between the Clients, Partners & Delivery centers relied on non-secure channels like Email, FTP etc. Internal FTP served as an intermediate solution as it was difficult to categorize, search and manage the uploaded documents.

For outsourced business services with clients and partners across globe the solution captured the timezone, working hours, weekly offs and public holidays for every Client, Partner and Delivery Center of client. 

Scheduling of the Activity & Tasks was automated using the information captured on timezone etc. Every tasks was given stipulated turnaround time during working days and during business hours. For recurring activities like Payroll Processing, Tax Filing etc. the built in schedulers pushed the tasks to the users queue on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis based on the service and contract.

A switch from conventional task management & non-secure channel for document collaboration removes the gaps in service delivery and increases actionable work improving service delivery.

Attaching documents against every tasks provided an easy way to collaborate the files on secure channel. And with the authorization access to the documents were controlled and restricted to people working on the activity. Encrypting the attached documents ensured that documents were safe in the repository.

Every activity of the user was time stamped and reported to monitor the task progress and report on the service level in real time.

Heat Map showing the overdue tasks possible service level violations per country ensured Delivery Centers to push for the completion of the tasks and service.

Case Study